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We aim to empower individuals by enabling them to take control of at least a portion of their food production. When it is grown on your land, there are no questions about what pesticides were used, if its organic, or whether or not it is GMO. No labels necessary.


One size fits all solutions are not conducive to the well-being and prosperity of the land and all who live on it. Every site has specific qualities that should dictate design. These qualities include climate, sun exposure, soil condition, and the vision of the client. However, the socially acceptable landscape for a home or business is often defined by an unproductive, manicured lawn maintained with chemicals and machines. Our goal is to not only change that for individuals, but also for society by leading by example.


Very few services focus on appreciating assets (ones gaining value over time) whereas we focus on perennials and well-managed soil which get better and more productive with time.

By empowering enough people in a given area, a “freedom forest” is created where productive landscapes are the norm and not the exception.


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We use existing natural patterns on each landscape to design and create food-producing and environmentally enriching beauty. We work primarily in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York but we can provide consultations and guidance for projects not in our region. Projects can range from simple vegetable garden installs to comprehensive site designs and everything in between. 

Services including, but not limited to:

  • Optimal vegetable, herb, flower garden layout

  • Edible perennial landscaping (fruits, nuts, berries)

  • Garden/Lawn clean up and maintenance

  • Edible forest gardens

  • Integrating livestock (chickens, ducks, goats, etc.)

  • Managing water in your landscape (too much or too little)

Our Philosophy
What We Do

Global Problems, Local Solutions



Phone call to determine your goals for the site


1 - 2 hour walk-through of site (or more for larger sites)


If customers opt for a design, we create a plan that helps visualize the design for the property including the types of plants, their layout, and any other hardscaping and structures


Based on the design, we bring your vision to life on your property


We offer follow-up services that include further assessment and design, short-term maintenance, and long-term maintenance

The Process


"Jesse helped me transform my kid's old playground area into a beautiful, food-producing garden. I couldn't be any happier with the results. "

| Jonathan K. |
Huntington, New York

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