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Our Work

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Lawn to Garden Conversion

A no-till veggie garden was installed on this site with heavily degraded soils. The veggie garden was surrounded with nearly 20 fruiting shrubs of all different kinds.

Front Yard Food Forest

This front lawn was made up entirely of non-native fescue grasses. We transformed the entire space into a mixture of native/fruiting trees, shrubs, and perennials plus a few garden beds for growing vegetables and herbs.

Front Yard Food Forest.jpg
Grape Vineyard.jpg

Backyard Vineyard

This backyard was severely lacking any life beyond the new sod that was just rolled out. We installed a grape vineyard with cedar posts and high tensile wire. This system should last close to 50 years.

Supersized Meadow

A meadow of very tall, fast growing, native pollinator powerhouse plants were installed in the center of a wraparound driveway in front of this client's house.

PA Meadow_edited.jpg
Pool Landscaping.jpg

Pool Oasis

This recently installed pool had tons of exposed bare soil all around it. The area up slope of the pool was planted out to native perennials along with some flowering trees and shrubs. The plants will help stitch the soil together while providing much needed bird and insect habitat.

Jungle Gym Landscaping

This large mound of fill soil was planted to a mix of gorgeous pollinator supporting plants. The very top of the hill was set to have a serious jungle gym installed for the kids to enjoy.

Jungle Gym Planting.jpg
North Shore Garden.jpg

No Dig Garden

This vegetable garden was installed right on top of the existing lawn. The garden fence and gate were added as a nice aesthetic addition and to keep out the local rabbits.

Shady Woodland Planting

Along the edge of the woods on this property we installed some shade loving natives and ornamental plants to make this dark corner come alive. Where there was once wet sparse lawn, there is now beauty, habitat, and life.

Shade Planting.jpg
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