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One year old grafted heirloom apple trees. Many of these varieties are very uncommon and will never be in grocery stores. Trees will be shipped bare root at 12-24"+ in height.


Esopus Spitzenberg - It was rumoured to be Thomas Jefferson's favourite apple.  It was widely planted in the USA in the 19th century and used for both dessert and culinary purposes, but subsequently fell out of fashion although it remains a popular variety for gardeners. The apples have an excellent flavor, which improves with storage.


Hudson's Golden Gem - Excellent eating apple. Large conical and elongated fruit. Dull yellow russet skin. Crisp, sugary flesh with nutty flavor.


Chestnut Crab - Large cooking and dessert crab apple. Attractive, reddish bronze fruit.  Crisp, juicy sweet flesh with a pleasing nut-like flavor. Ripens over a long period.


Hidden Rose - The vibrant pink flesh is both crisp and juicy. Tart and mildly sweet, Hidden Rose Apples have a distinctive flavor with hints of strawberry lemonade. It has a pale yellow skin covered in a faint red blush and speckled with white freckles. 


Golden Russet - Golden Russet is a small moderately attractive apple, which keeps well, and is very versatile for eating, cooking or juicing.  The flavor is typical of a russet apple but rather more intense than the traditional English apples.


Cox's Orange Pippin - This is the classic English apple, often regarded as the finest of all dessert apples. It remains unsurpassed for its richness and complexity of flavor.


Pink Pearmain - This apple obtains a red striped skin when mature with a tart and aromatic flavor.


Coe's Golden Drop - Coe’s Golden Drop are small-sized, somewhat flattened apples. They have yellow skin with a dark, bright red flush. Inside, they have yellowish, firm, crisp, juicy flesh with good sweet flavor.


Belle De Boskoop - A large and often lumpy apple. Suitable for cooking and fresh eating. Keeps its shape when cooked.


Orleans Reinette - The Orleans Reinette apple has  rich golden flesh with a good acid to sugar balance. The flavor has a russet nuttiness finished with a juicy, creamy, fine textured white flesh. 


Pimaston Pineapple - High levels of both sugar and acid with overtones of pineapple makes this a truly unique apple.

Grafted Heirloom Apples

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