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Pawpaws are my absolute favorite fruit! The trees are shade tolerant with long, beautiful, tropical-looking leaves. The flowers are a deep burgundy color and are pollinated by flies rather than bees, so planting a thicket of 3 or more will lead to better fruit production. The fruit ripens in autumn and is best left to naturally fall off the tree for maximum flavor. Pawpaw fruit tastes like a mix of mostly mango with some banana and pineapple flavors and a creamy custard texture. It is always hard to believe a tree that can handle -25 degrees produces such a tropical tasting fruit. Trees ship as bare root plants, 6-12" in height with strong root systems. 

2nd year trees are well over 12" in height and a thicker caliper.

Pawpaw Seedling Bundle of 3

  • Orders will be shipped out in late winter/early spring of 2024. We are at the mercy of the weather and must wait for the ground to thaw and excessive snows to melt away before digging and shipping out plants. Thanks for your patience!

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